EDR Summit

Annual EDR Summit

Crash Data Group is proud to host the annual EDR Summit. This Summit focuses on Event Data Recorder research, collection and analysis for vehicle crash investigation. This is the only conference in the United States dedicated to users of EDR Tools and other in-vehicle data. The future of safety systems within vehicles on the road today demand a closer look at how they work and how the data collected can be used to assist your crash investigation. We have just scratched the surface of active safety systems and autonomous driving.

The EDR Summit will deliver the next step in advanced EDR technology for vehicle crash analysis. Most importantly, this summit brings together industry experts from around the world to present on timely topics and case studies. The presentations will focus on EDR data found in light trucks, passenger cars, SUVs, motorcycles, heavy commercial vehicles, active safety systems, autonomous driving, and vehicle infotainment systems.

The EDR Summit is open anyone who has an interest in learning more about event data recorders and how they are used in vehicle safety and crash investigation. As a result, typical attendees of this Summit include law enforcement, insurance (SIU and claims), government, legal and collision reconstructionists. Therefore, if you are involved with the collection and/or analysis of EDR data from vehicle crashes or forensics you won’t want to miss the EDR Summit!

Due to COVID-19 we have cancelled the 2021 EDR Summit. We hope to be able to return in 2022.