CDR Train the Trainer


2019 CDR Train the Trainer for the CDR Technician 1 & 2 Classes

Date: March 3, 2019 (Sunday before EDR Summit)
Location: Hilton Houston North Hotel – Room TBD
Time: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Instructor: Rusty Haight, Collision Safety Institute
Tuition: $699.00 


CDR Technician Level 1 and 2 (by a CSI approved CDR Technician trainer/mentor) and the 5-day CDR Data Analyst Course (by Collision Safety Institute). To qualify to take the CDR Tool Train the Trainer Course and become a CDR Technician Trainer Mentor, one has to have completed the Collision Safety Institute developed Technician 1 and 2 courses offered by a Certified CDR Technician Trainer Mentor and the Collision Safety Institute CDR Data Analyst Course within the last two years. Those who have previously been certified as Trainer Mentors are welcome to return and renew their license to the materials every two years. CDR Courses offered by organizations other than the Collision Safety Institute, Collision Safety Institute trained Trainer Mentors or the Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety do NOT meet these prerequisites.

For questions about the prerequisites, please contact Collision Safety Institute: (858) 484-9794

Program Overview

This is your opportunity to become a leader in the rapidly expanding area of CDR technology. When industry leaders meet to discuss the expansion of CDR technology, one topic that is always discussed is training and the need to have more qualified Technician trainers across North America to properly train entry level CDR Tool users. To help fill this need, we are pleased to offer a CDR Technician Train the Trainer Course to qualify individuals to instruct a standard CDR Technician Level 1 and Level 2 course. These two courses are the prerequisite for the CDR Data Analyst Course. Whether from the public or private sector, from police departments to insurance professionals, anyone who purchases a Bosch CDR Tool will need to take at least the Technician Level 1 course.

The CDR Technician Train the Trainer program has been developed to meet the need for an expanded number of regional training opportunities on the basics of using the CDR Tool, build confidence through individual, personalized guidance with supervised hands-on experience using the CDR Tool, and provide opportunities for small group or even one-on-one live guidance by a CDR Trainer/Mentor. The CDR Technician Train the Trainer program gives the Trainer/Mentor the tools to lead new CDR Technicians into the expanding world of Crash Data Retrieval. Those who complete this program would be in a position to teach the Technician Level 1 and Technician Level 2 courses.

Why Become a Trainer/Mentor?

New users – individuals and entities – buying the CDR Tool for the first time are eager to get out into the field and use their systems. These new users need to be trained by a qualified “Trainer / Mentors” and you can be that individual and then later the person they turn to for guidance and other support.

Technician trainers are looking for opportunities to help spread the technology and get more experience as trainers. Those who have completed the CDR Technician Train the Trainer program are clearly the type of person who is eager to both help others use their CDR Tool as soon as possible but also use it effectively and properly. An evolutionary growth of the CDR Technician training designed to expand and support the opportunities for Technician Trainers is in everyone’s best interest and those who attend the CDR Technician Train the Trainer program will be on the leading edge of the expansion.

Train the Trainer Refund Policy

Refunds are available for paid registrations canceled more than 30 days prior to the start of the event. A $45 processing fee will be charged for each canceled registration. All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing via US Mail, Fax or email. No tuition refunds are offered less than 30 days before the starting date of the event due to contractual agreements with third party vendors.

Please mail refund requests to:

Crash Data Group
PO Box 892885
Temecula, CA 92589-2885

Due to the worldwide appeal of these events, Crash Data Group cannot and will not be held responsible and will not offer a refund or credit for those who cancel due to weather, medical conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances out of our control less than 30 days prior to the start of the conference.

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