Optional Classes

There are a variety of classes available at the 2017 EDR Summit to further your education. These classes are offered either before or after the scheduled dates for the EDR Summit and are held at the same hotel. By offering these classes at the same location, we hope to save you time and money.

CDR Train the Trainer Class

The CDR Technician Train The Trainer program has been developed to meet the need for an expanded number of regional training opportunities on the basics of using the CDR Tool, build confidence through individual, personalized guidance with supervised hands-on experience using the CDR Tool, and provide opportunities for small group or even one-on-one live guidance by a CDR Trainer/Mentor. 

CDR Train the Trainer Questions

ARC Network EDR Summit Discount
ARC Network EDR Summit Discount


The 2017 EDR Summit qualifies for approximately 21 ACTAR CEUs.

ACTAR will also be hosting an ACTAR exam on March 9, 2017 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the hotel in Salon 12.

The 2017 EDR Summit is sponsored by TAARS – the Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists. Through this sponsorship, members of TAARS receive a special discount to the EDR Summit. In addition, TAARS will be sponsoring the ACTAR CEUs.

ACTAR / TAARS Questions

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